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The Honda Stepwagon is an MPV with great flexibility and a fantastic platform for a camper van conversion.

Starting in 1996 the Stepwagon (or StepWGN) turned the 'family minivan' into a hip and sound concept. With spoilers that actually help to stabilise the ride (as opposed to just looking good), a wide windscreen and a well laid out dash, this is a people carrier/camper van that really drives like a car.

Most of its parts are shared with the popular Honda CRV making availability easy and keeping prices reasonable.

The Stepwagon has a passenger swivel seat, with access from the cab to the rear of the van, where you find an amazingly large space for such a compact vehicle.

At less than 2m in height, with a powerful engine and lots of luxury features, the Honda Stepwagon is a great choice both as an every day car and converted as a comfortable camper van.