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Pride of Ownership

It swells your heart each time you see it there, waiting to pick you up. You're not too proud to notice, though, that your Isuzu Rodeo draws attention wherever it goes. Must be the slick styling that just looks right in any setting. You can't honestly expect others to know that this tough yet stylish pickup is the crowning achievement of almost nine decades of engineering evolution.

That it's packed with innovations that have all been proven the hard way: during endless testing in every conceivable driving condition from desert sands to frozen tundra. All anyone really needs to know is that the new Isuzu Rodeo pickup is capable of expanding upon the Isuzu tradition for tough durability, balanced design, and keen attention to detail.

All that becomes apparent with your first close encounter. It did it for you then in a big way, and has continued to light your fire ever since. Work it hard or cruise it easy - Isuzu Rodeo makes things happen.