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Most Powerful Engine *

The 2.5 common rail diesel engine delivers an impressive 171 HP, making the Navara the most powerful vehicle in its class*. With muscle other vehicles can only dream about, the Navara's awesome engine delivers a whopping 403Nm of torque. *Based on a combination of horse power and torque.

2700Kg Towing Capacity

403 Nm of torque. That means the Navara can haul up to 2700kgs of boat, trailer or cargo without breaking a sweat. Double Cab versions can tow 2600kg.

1,050Kg Payload

Bricks, motorbikes, outboard engines -- load .em up. Because the mighty Navara can handle payloads way more than 1 ton.

6-speed manual gearbox

The 6-speed manual gearbox with delivers an excellent crawl ratio, making more torque available at the wheels to give you more control on difficult terrain. That means you can experience the full power of the Navara.s engine -- whether you.re cruising down the highway or exploring a steep backwoods trail.

5-speed automatic gear box

Effortless driving. Not many pick-ups can make that claim. The Navara Outlaw and Aventura Double Cabs have an optional 5-speed automatic gearbox that does the shifting for you - making your drive even more relaxing. And cleaner, with a diesel particulate filter as standard on automatic transmission models.

Limited Slip Differential

All Navara's come fitted with a limited slip differential designed to provide confident traction off-road and minimise wheel spin on-road.

Selectable 4WD System

Engaging four-wheel drive on Navara could not be easier - a simple twist of a dashboard dial and the driver can change from 2WD to 4WD or 4Low. The 4Low mode gives access to low-ratio gears to tackle the toughest terrain.

Front & Rear Suspension

The Navara's suspension system keeps your ride smooth both on and off the road - without sacrificing agility. At the front, compact independent suspension with coils over shocks and double wishbones are light yet rigid, for an optimum ride with stable handling. The rear suspension provides high lateral rigidity for better cornering, plus a long suspension stroke that evens out the bumps off-road.