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Here at Calder Leisure we like to tell you things as we see them. With the Toyota Hilux we have to recognise that we can't put things as eloquently as the makers themselves, so we are pleased to present an excerpt of the Toyota Hilux brochure (see the download page for the full brochure).

The Toyota Hilux.
Ready. Willing. And able to do anything, anytime, anywhere.

The Toyota Hilux gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. No matter what the activity, no matter what's up against you, nothing can stand in its way.

The Toyota Hilux offers endless possibilities. And the kind of versatility where the only limit is your imagination.

Three unbreakable body styles

From making it through tough terrain to simply cruising across town, the Toyota Hilux offers truly all-encompassing ability.

Push it to the limit and it'll respond with enthusiasm. Take it to the extreme and it'll jsut want more. Nothing worries it, nothing scares it, nothing even makes it think twice. With ability this relentless, and the choice of three tough body styles (including the capacious 5-seater Double Cab), the Toyota Hilux has nothing to hold it back. And neither do you.

A reputation that's well renowned...

Toyota Hilux has endured some of the harshest environments in the world for almost forty years. First released in Japan in 1967, it soon became known globally for its resolute and uncompromising ability and reliability.

Every day, Hilux owners everywhere use their vehicle in the most extreme surroundings. Bracing freezing weather in Alaska. Carrying cargo loads across the sand dunes of the Sahara. Negotiating rocky outcrops in the Australian outback.

They know, first-hand, that their Hilux can be depended on to climb that incline, cross that river, pull out of that mud. Little wonder, perhaps, that over 12,000,000 models have been sold worldwide.

With Hilux, Toyota's long-standing commitment to quality and durability culminates in a vehicle that millions of people trust on every type of terrain, in all kinds of conditions. And, sometimes, quite literally with their lives.

...and well deserved

As far as proving its worth, we didn't just rely on the Hilux's name and reputation for strength and durability. As part of the development programme for this model, we put it to the test in the most extreme conditions.

First of all, we gave it a durability test in South Africa, and we also included a high-altitude drive at 2,800 m (9,185 feet) for good measure. But that wasn't testing enough, so to really checkout how the engine stood up where the oxygen is scarce, we took it to Peru and tried it 4,800 m (15,750 feet) up the Andes, where the oxygen levels are less than 50% of what they are at sea level, making most engines struggle due to insufficient air intake. Still the Hilux didn't falter, so we sent it to spend 150 hours off-roading at high speed across some of the most unwelcoming terrain on earth in the Australian Outback. Again, the Hilux came through with flying colours. Then we really turned the heat up - literally - with a high temperature test at 47 in Dubai and once more the Hilux coped without a problem, even the airconditioning system, which kept the cabin cool and comfortable. In case your destination is nearer to home, we also tested the Hilux in Europe to make sure that it was just as suitable for the conditions here as it is at the four corners of the globe.

Unbreakable ability? With the Toyota Hilux, it's no empty claim.