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Pickups at Calder Leisure

Whether you are looking for something to pull your beautiful new fifth wheel trailer, a heavy duty vehicle for your adventure sports or palin old-fashioned need something for work, Calder Leisure is sure to have something to suit.

Although they all look broadly similar, it is important to select the right vehicle for the job that needs done; not all are suitable for fifth-wheel hitches, not all are suitable as family run-arounds. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, please call and speak to our friendly & knowledgable staff.

Click here to see current pickup stock (3 models from £5,995 to £24,995) .

Why choose a pickup?

Well, a 4WD SUV has a lot going for it, but when it comes down to sheer power a pickup is the way to go.

No longer can the pick-up be viewed as a powered wheelbarrow or (as Jeremy Clarkson of TopGear infamously described them) 'skip lorry'. Modern pickups such as the Nissan Navara have features to put many saloon cars to shame, and confidently tackle the luxury SUV market.

So, if you want to something functional rather than 'just' well-appointed, take a serious look at our range of modern pick-ups. You will be surprised, and definitely NOT disappointed.