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Motorhomes at Calder Leisure

While our main focus is on fifth wheel trailers for luxury RVs and small campers for the 'quick getaway', here at Calder Leisure we see the benefits for some people in having a luxury motorhome instead. We are pleased to offer a sourcing service for US motorhomes at VERY competitive prices. About to buy from someone else? Call us first.

A phone call to us could save you £thousands, and we have years of experience of international imports.

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Why choose a motorhome?

The benefits of a motorhome are obvious; vehicle and living space in one unit. If you go out for a day trip there is no 'left the camera in the kitchen' type problems - you have EVERYTHING with you, INCLUDING the kitchen sink.

Arriving at a camp site, a motorhome is quicker to set up ready than anything else - park it level and plug in the hookups (where available) and that's it.

For this reason alone, a motorhome is the best choice for someone who likes to keep moving - a two week tour with a dozen or more different overnight locations adds up to a lot of hitching and unhitching time!

Do please consider local transport when you are parked up, however. Quick as it is, you do not want to pack up to go for a pint of milk! A bicycle is great for this and a cycle rack is easily added to most motorhomes.