Paying for your choice of car

Here at Calder Leisure we are proud of our modest prices, but we all know that paying out a lump sum is not always possible or advisable.To help you decide what to do for the best, we have provided a calculator for your use. Simply enter the amount of loan you require, and the APR (annual percentage rate) offered by your lender. The calculator will then display the monthly repayment amount for different loan periods.
Cost of CarDeposit
Loan ValueAPR %
The content of this page is for demonstration purposes only, and should not be seen as an offer of a loan or other finance package. If you decide that you require a finance package, please get in touch and we will make an appointment to go through your requirements in detail and give you a quote for one of our finance deals.

Please bear in mind that many lenders may add payment protection insurance that will increase the monthly repayments and the total amount payable.
Cost of loan718.431407.212120.482858.093619.82
Total Payable12168.4312857.2113570.4814308.0915069.82
Please note that government regulations intended to prevent money laundering prevent us from accepting large sums of cash.