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Campers at Calder Leisure

At Calder Leisure we have been importing direct from Japan since 1996, supplying more than 2,250 cars! Our resident buyer in Japan inspects all vehicles before purchasing and can source any Bongo-Camper of your choice. All are in excellent condition with guaranteed mileage certificates issued by BIMTA (The British Motor Trade Assocication).

Click here to see current camper van stock (11 models from £6,995 to £21,500) .

Why Japanese Imports?

Japanese imports come with a higher specification than European equivalents, for example air conitioning and power steering are demanded as standard on all cars. In Japan there is a very strict MOT-type test known as the 'Shaken'. A new car in Japan comes with a Shaken (warranty of fitness) that is valid for three years, but must be re-certifified twice a year thereafter. The high cost of renewing the Shaken, coupled with the low cost of new cars in Japan, is a huge incentive for Japanese drivers to trade their cars in.

This is great news for those of us in the UK, as the economics of importing these high-quality, low-mileage vehicles is definitely on our side!

Why choose a camper?

Why choose a camper? Why not?!? They offer huge flexibility, especially for couples. Cheap to run, manoeverable as an MPV and highly specified with a conversion from Calder Leisure, campers are a great way to 'get away from it all'.

Have a look at our featured campers/conversions and compare the facilities with your car stuffed with tents, camping gear and miscellaneous hardware; wouldn't you rather have a camper?

Current Camper Models at Calder Leisure - click on name for details

Mazda Bongo/Ford Freda Toyota HiAce/Granvia Toyota Regius  
Honda Stepwagon Nissan Elgrand Other Japanese Campers