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Our fifth wheel trailers provide the ultimate in luxury mobile holiday accomodation.
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More space than a camper, more convenience than a caravan; finish your work, jump in the cab and you are instantly on holiday!
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Mobile caravans for traditional towing arrangements.
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A range of top-quality luxury pickups, specially selected to hitch your fifth wheel trailer.
Nissan Navara
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We have the best conversions around, all at great value!
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Also know as toyhaulers, these are fifth wheelers designed for motorsport teams, with living/sleeping space and room for bikes, tools and helmets!
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A specialist importer of Japanese sports prestige and 4x4 vehicles.
Calder Racing has more than 20 years experience in building and preparing race cars
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Calder Leisure is a European (dare we say world?) leader in the design and supply of Fifth Wheel trailers for the European market. Where other suppliers charge an arm and a leg for properly equipped 5th wheel trailers (sometimes turning a blind eye to legal issues here in the UK) we only supply fully equipped trailers with all optional extras fitted as standard. You won't see a price from us that starts at £20,000 and hits double that before you get what you need - our prices are inclusive; if a competitor looks cheaper, give us a call and let us explain why they're not!

Why choose a 5th wheeler? Well the answer is quite simple - if you were going away to over-winter or enjoy a longer touring trip, just imagine having a living space of almost 12 x 10 feet, complete with a permanent bed in a separate bedroom and even a small bath.

After a couple of days of really bad weather in even a decent sized motorhome, the walls seem to close in. A fifth wheeler from Calder Leisure is luxury indeed; leather reclining armchairs and enough space to swing not just the proverbial cat, but a fair sized dog for that matter. It is a practical living space, and unlike the larger luxury motorhomes, you don't have to pack everything away when you go into town for your weekly shop (or even just sightseeing) because you have all the flexibility of the separate caravan and car.

We are the only company in the UK who builds in the US to meet European legal standards and requirements and British design tastes, so it isn't surprising that you don't hear too much about these vehicles. You might have a misconception that it's a showman's rig, but you would be wrong, it is just a different and better way of towing a caravan, and here's why ...

The most significant factor in it's favour is that it is rock solid to drive. Because of the 5th wheel towing hitch, the weight is better distributed, making the load easier to tow; the braking mimics that of the car and there are none of the instability issues associated with tugging caravans.

Reversing is a different skill and you can't push it into place in the same way, but with a reversing camera and a few hours practice you soon get the hang of it. As for height, many current motorhomes exceed the nine-and-a-half feet height of the KountryLite.

The 5th wheel coupling consists of a coupling pin (or king pin) on the front of the semi-trailer and a horseshoe-shaped coupling device called a fifth wheel on the rear of the towing vehicle.

The term 5th wheel comes from a similar coupling used on four-wheel horse-drawn carriages and wagons. The device allowed the front axle assembly to pivot in the horizontal plane, to improve turning.